Saturday, June 7, 2014

Welcome to Battle RPG!

Explore the town, chat and trade with other players, fight monsters in the fields, and level up your stats to become stronger.

At several buildings you can buy new skins and weapons for your character. If you are feeling creative you can make new skins and weapons by uploading images to the web and linking them to this game. Once you have created a new skin or weapon, you can share it with other players by checking the “Public” setting in the editors.

Use the arrow keys to move your character.

Press the W key to interact with signs and buildings.

Press Enter or Return to write a message in the chat. Press Enter or Return again to send it.

A - attack
S - shoot
D - cast magic (coming soon)

W - interact
E - inventory
R - stats and gear (coming soon)
C - hide chat

Press E to view your inventory. Press the number keys 1-8 to select an item you want to use. Press the number again to use the item or click the use button.

Above the chat window is a compass which always points to the center of town. Use it to find your way back.

This game was created by Michael A Johnston. If you would like to help with game assets such as graphics or sounds, you can contact me at and get added to the credits list.