Friday, June 21, 2013


Enemies will drop gold coins and exp orbs depending on how much damage you dealt to them. Other players cannot pick up items meant only for you so stealing exp is not possible.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Looking pretty sweet

I remember back when I made my first game I had a blog like this and I posted images of my progress. I thought I would do the same this time, however I now realize that most of the images I posted for that game were of new graphics I was making. In BattleRPG I am not doing any graphics, it is all just coding, so I am noticing I have nothing to show!

However the game is coming along better than I could have hoped. In fact the reason I'm even taking a break to make this post is because I just completed a massively complex memory system for the enemies that lets them remember who attacked them and how much damage each player did. While this might seem simple, it has taken me about three days to finish it. If this was a single player game doing something like this would be easy, however getting the enemy to remember who it has interacted with regardless if that player has disconnected, reconnected, changed costume or even informing new players that just connected what previous players have done was incredibly complex.